Anonymous, American - Cat Sitting on Draped Table
Heinrich Kuhn - Portrait of Hans Perathoner, Sculptor
Lisa Holden - The Poets (Lilith Series)
Anonymous, French - Portrait of a Cockatoo in Its Cage
Edouard Boubat - Ice Skating on the Canals, Netherlands
Lisa Holden - Angelica (from Series

Newsletter News

Romantic Agony Auction Launches Photography Auctions: First Auction is June 19th and 20th and online; previews in Paris and Brussels

The Brussels' book auction house, Romantic Agony (yes, that is really its name), is adding photography auctions in a major way. The first of these auctions will be a…

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Featured Exhibit

Construction of the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens in South Kensington, 1860-61

This is a selection of images from a fascinating, rare collection of albumen prints documenting the construction of the extensive gardens built by the Royal Horticultural Society at South Kensington.…

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Collecting Resources

Jean-Luc Pons Interviews Alex Novak of I Photo Central on the Photo Market

An edited version of this interview first appeared in the September-October-November, 2002 issue of Photographie International. My thanks to its publisher, Jean-Luc Pons, for allowing me to reproduce it…

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“I Photo Central has been a great resource for me since I first began collecting. Not only have I found interesting images to buy, but I often just browse through it to sharpen my eye and fill in my knowledge of photo history.”

Patrick Montgomery

Private Collector

I Photo Central provides thousands of web pages for the photography collector, curator and historian. This site includes articles on collecting issues (such as connoisseurship and print values; insurance and risk management; appraisals; buying and selling images; developing a photography collecting library; framing/matting and preserving your collection; conservation, etc.). The largest for-sale fine art photography gallery on the web is databased here and is easily accessed through an extensive on-site search engine.

216 issues of the popular E-Photo Newsletter are also archived here and are also searchable; and there is a major International Photography Calendar of Events section.

An additional Special Exhibits section focuses on specific topics, photography processes (such as autochromes, daguerreotypes, stereo views and oratones), contemporary photography and individual photographers.