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Unique painted piece. To some, mythological Lilith is the beautiful bearer of disease and death. To others she is Lamia, seductress, stealer of children. She is also Adam's first wife. In today's turbulent times, the myth of Lilith seems an apt starting point. Taking myths surrounding feminine icons like Lilith, Lamia and Danae as her inspiration, Holden's latest body of work explores aspects of duality: beauty and destruction, the flesh and the spirit, order and chaos. This juxtaposition of opposites is echoed in her multi-layered compositions, which sample imagery from early studio photography, classical painting and consumer culture. The final pieces are a blend of analogue and digital imaging, photography and painting, where Holden exploits her media and materials to full potential. The artist frequently takes her own image as the basis of the image. Integrating the digital artifacts randomly generated by the repeated layering process into the final composition, her portrait becomes obscured, iterating the artist's ongoing interest in notions of identity, alternate personas and constructed reality. Lisa Holden is a British-born artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Lamia, Desert (Lilith Series)
Lisa Holden Lamia, Desert (Lilith Series)

Price $19,000

Main Image

Ref.# 11181

Medium Chromogenic print with mixed media (acrylic and varnish)

Mount Dibond mount with UV laminate

Photo Date 2009  Print Date 2009

Dimensions 49-3/16 x 49-3/16 in. (1250 x 1250 mm)

Photo Country Netherlands

Photographer Country United Kingdom (UK)


Alex Novak and Marthe Smith

Email info@vintageworks.net

Phone +1-215-822-5662

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