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Gordon Coster, Self-Portrait
Gordon Coster, Self-Portrait

This eclectic and unique group of images captures the many facets of a photographer's life, creating a portrait of both famous and unknown lensmen throughout the ages. We see that photographers were also scientists, inventors, doctors, painters, explorers and business owners. Photographers have always been travelers, and there are several 19th century images of photographers working in the field, including a self-portrait of Herbert Ponting in the Antarctic. Moving into the 20th century, we see Margaret Bourke-White on-site in Missouri, Cecil Beaton in a Hollywood studio, and Philippe Halsman working on location. And, then there are the photographers who set up a studio and must advertise to attract clients. We have a wonderful image of a man and boy posed in their horse-drawn wagon outside a tiny photo studio in rural New York (1890s), and a terrific 1930s vintage print by Carl Van Vechten of a photo studio advertisement on a New York City street. There are many self-portraits included in this group, some expressing a distinct sense of humor, others revealing a quiet intimacy, and still others presenting a straightforward document of a person at work.

With prices starting at $75, there is a wide variety of subject matter, style, era and price range in this celebration of photographers and their images.