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Number "31" in ink and dry stamp "Giroux" on the photograph at the bottom right.

See: Alexander D. Grishin, Denis Canguilhem, André Giroux, Londres, Wertheimer Fondation, 2004, p. 184.

André Giroux was the son of the man who made the camera equipment for the inventor of photography, Louis-JacquesMandé Daguerre. With this auspicious birthright, Giroux moved easily from a successful career in painting to photography, maintaining a painterly eye and style in his photographic work. He specialized in landscapes, retouching his negatives to achieve more atmospheric effects in his photographs. He painted and scratched directly on both paper and glass negatives in an attempt to obliterate photography's mechanical look. Giroux's technique, creating a drawing upon glass that is then used as a negative to make a photographic print, is called clichéverre.

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Scene of a River Ford
André Giroux Scene of a River Ford

Price $27,000
Sale Price $18,900

Main Image

Ref.# 16063

Medium Salt print from paper negative

Mount On original mount

Photo Date 1855c  Print Date 1855c

Dimensions 8-11/16 x 11-1/8 in. (221 x 283 mm)

Photo Country France

Photographer Country France


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