Issue #126  5/18/2007
Prices to Be Increased On Several Photographers Represented By Contemporary Works On June 15th

Contemporary Works, an I Photo Central dealer, has announced that it will increase some of the prices for three of its European photographers on June 15th. These price increases are necessitated by increases in shipping costs from Europe and by the decline in the dollar versus euro and pound sterling. We recently featured all of these artists at Photo LA, the New York AIPAD Photography Show and Art Chicago.

Stanko Abadžic's black and white photographs will go up $150 each (most are currently at $750-850). His larger scale images will go up $250 each. Made in editions of 25 and three respectively, these beautiful images are reminiscent of a cross between Andre Kertesz's Hungarian period and Henri Cartier-Bresson's Decisive Moment images. You can see his work at http://www.contemporaryworks.net/artists/artist_imgs.php/1/4783 . His new book, "Stanko Abadžic" is also now available from Contemporary Works and John Cleary Gallery in signed copies. Any image from the book can also be ordered. Abadžic's work was recently featured in several magazines, including the March 2007 issue of "Black & White" magazine and the February/March 2007 issue of Schwarzweiss 56 das Magazin fur Fotografie, where his work was the cover feature. A show of his work is currently running through May 26th at the John Cleary Gallery on 2635 Colquitt in Houston, TX (phone: 1-713-524-5070).

Beginning June 15th, Marcus Doyle's stunning and highly saturating color landscapes will now start at $2,500 (presently $2,000) for his 20 x 24 inch prints and $4,000 (presently $3,200) for his 30 x 40 inch chromogenic prints (in editions of only 14 and seven respectively). As writer Matt Damsker notes in his preface to Doyle's book, "Marcus Doyle: Night Vision, Intimacies of an Unblinking Eye", "Doyle's large-format approach, with saturated colors that result from exposures as long as three hours, turns his unstaged tableaux into visions of exalted expectancy amidst man's tendency to trivialize." You can see examples of Doyle's work at: http://www.contemporaryworks.net/artists/artist_imgs.php/1/3727 . His book is also available in a softbound and in a limited edition hardbound (with print) from Contemporary Works. Doyle's work was recently featured in several magazines, including the November 2006 issue of "Focus" magazine.

Finally, Lisa Holden's contemporary work will also increase in price on June 15th. Her unique painted and varnished photography work will go up individually, but about 20-25% for each piece. Her larger Diasec mounted color chromogenic pieces (currently about $5,000-7,000) will go up approximately 10% additional (increasing about $500-700 each). Her 30 x 40 inch pieces (edition of eight) will remain for the time being at the current opening $3,000 price, but this price is expected to go up later this year. You can find Holden's work at: http://www.contemporaryworks.net/artists/artist_imgs.php/1/4205 . Her color catalogue is available in signed copies from Contemporary Works. Lisa Holden will be featured in the next issue of "Eyemazing", the European magazine for contemporary art photography, and in upcoming issues of "Camera Arts" and "New York Arts" magazine. You can see the blog for New York Arts here: http://www.nyartsmagazine.com/blog/ .

You may order prints from each of these artists by calling Contemporary Works at 1-215-822-5662. If you order prints before June 15th, you will be able to buy at the current prices before the increases go into effect.