Issue #130  7/18/2007
The Problem With a Collector-Driven Art Market and Non-Discriminating Curators and Generalist Dealers

For some time now I have been arguing that changes in the art market have been leading to a lack of connoisseurship and critical thinking in the art world. Finally another art publication seems to agree (at least in one article). The Art Newspaper's latest issue has an excellent article by Jane Kallir who is co-director of Galerie St Etienne of New York City.

Her article under the publication's Editorial and Commentary section is a fine discussion of this topic and raises some key issues for art curators, collectors, auction houses and dealers. Money can not be the criterion that determines the ultimate value of art in today's civilization and culture, but the current art market has been suggesting this, rather inaccurately, for some time now. It is about time that we all took a second look at this short-sighted premise and why it is untenable. This article lends fresh impetus to that effort.

Kallir also argues for more connoisseurship and knowledge for the collector, instead of the current reliance on money, trendiness and investment potential.

To see the article in its entirety click on: http://www.theartnewspaper.com/article01.asp?id=681 .