Issue #143  4/21/2008
Photography Shorts…

JIUAN-JIUAN (J-J, to her friends) CHEN has joined Boston-based PAUL MESSIER, LLC as senior conservator. Chen was formerly a conservator at George Eastman House, where she received her training. Her background now allows Paul Messier, LLC to add daguerreotypes to its list of conservation services.

Toronto photography gallerist STEPHEN BULGER and CATHERINE LASH are delighted to announce a new edition--and it isn't a photographic one, at least not yet. JANE PENELOPE LASH BULGER was born on April 5th, weighing 9lbs., 1oz. Big sister Adelaide will handle all inquiries, according to Steve's happy email announcement. The birth was why Steve missed this year's AIPAD Show. Next show though we want to see lots of pictures, Steve. And hopefully you'll do better than Rudy Kicken. All I got to see of the Kicken's new baby daughter was one photo of the top of her cute head poking out of a blanket on his cell phone!