Issue #144  5/9/2008
May Auction Help For London and Paris

I will be traveling to the Paris and London photography auctions coming up this month. If you would like me to bring specific prints to see while I am in these cities and would like me to preview and/or bid for items at auction there, please call my office now. While I prefer to know now what you may want me to look over at the auction previews and provide bidding advice and assistance, you can still contact me up to about three days before the actual auction itself by either calling my Associate Director Marthe Smith at 1-215-822-5662 or me directly (after May 10) on my French mobile at 011-33-661-033-387. I will take a train to London on May 11.

My company Vintage Works, Ltd.'s auction services are charged at 5% of the successful hammer price against a minimum of $250 in Europe (you are only billed for one or the other, not both). The minimum includes items that you are unsuccessful for or those that we warn you off of. The minimum is the same for one item or five items per auction. In other words, it is only $250 total (not per lot) to check out up to five auction lots (for more than five lots, please call). Additional lots will be at a negotiated minimum. Usually, if you want us to actually bid for you, you will have to fax your details to the auction house with a signed authorization for us to do this. That is one of the reasons why it is best not to wait until the last few days. We never accept competing bids for the same lot and will only accept one client per lot to avoid any conflicts.