Issue #168  1/6/2010
Hollywood Photographer Bob Willoughby Dies of Cancer

Yet another California photographer succumbed to cancer last month at his home in Vence, France. Bob Willoughby, 82, was one of the better-known film photographers working through the 1950s to 1970s during what was termed "The Golden Age of Hollywood".

Born in Los Angeles in 1927, Willoughby studied cinema at the University of Southern California and design with Saul Bass at the Kann Institute of Art. His career began in New York, where he photographed performing jazz musicians. His first magazine assignment came in the early 1950s for Harper's Bazaar.

He became the still photographer on numerous major films, including A Star Is Born, My Fair Lady, The Graduate and Catch-22. His use of new techniques and equipment included the first successful sound blimp to reduce shutter noise and radio-controlled cameras.