Issue #181  5/31/2011
Slowexposures' Submissions Close June 15Th

SlowExposures is the nationally-recognized juried photography exhibition that underscores the diversity, contradictions and complexity of the rural American South. Now in its ninth year, SlowExposures invite photographers to submit their work.

The deadline to enter the annual photo exhibition in Georgia is midnight, Wednesday, June 15th. Professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit their work.

Each photographer may submit up to six (6) images electronically through the web site below. All work must be original to the artist and must have been photographed within the past four years. The fee of $50.00 U.S. must accompany the entry and may be paid through credit card or PayPal. Photographs may be color or black and white; using traditional or digital processes or elements of both.

"SlowExposures 2011" is staged September 16 through September 25 at the historic R. F. Strickland Building in Concord, GA, 60 miles south of the Atlanta airport.

All entries must be submitted online at the new "SlowExposures" website http://www.slowexposures.org using the online registration form and payment by PayPal or credit card. Contact Christine Curry at 770-567-3600 for additional information.