Issue #184  10/13/2011
Internet Site Spotlight: British Photo History

The British photographic history blog which was launched by Dr. Michael Pritchard at the start of 2009 now has over 1,000 members, in addition to many other regular readers. They range from museum and gallery curators, photographic academics, students, collectors, dealers and representatives from the photographic press from around the world.

The blogs on the site provide a forum for news of events and happenings within the British photographic history community. This can include lectures or meetings, exhibition news, jobs and general news affecting collections of photographic material or individuals within the field. BPH will also include relevant book and website reviews from time to time.

While the focus is on Britain it may, on occasion, include material that is of wider interest from Europe, the United States and Asia. Each member can develop their own pages much like on other social networking sites.

You can find the site at: http://britishphotohistory.ning.com/ . And please "friend" me there.