Issue #2  5/20/1999
Latest eBay Rumours

While we're on the subject of Swann, the hot rumour (I haven't gotten out of the habit of using British spelling yet) in London was that they were the next target of eBay and that conversations were underway.

No confirmation from either source yet. I don't know if this is just a shot in the dark or there fire with this smoke, but the sources seem quite emphatic.

No offense to Swann, but I still don't understand with eBay's multi-billion dollar war chest why they just don't buy Christie's with its international and broad market expertise. They could pick up the house for about $6 billion, a literal drop in the bucket for ebay right now. Perhaps LiveBid, the Amazon.com competitor who attempted to buy B&B, helping to precipitate that sale to eBay, will.