Issue #191  4/1/2012
April Fool!

This is our second "April Fool" newsletter. The first one was actually three years ago (My, how time flies! Probably in Coach.). Of course, some readers tell me that they think every newsletter sounds like an April Fool's joke.

The normal E-Photo Newsletter will be out in a couple of weeks with a report on the highly successful AIPAD Photography Show New York. No, the show was really NOT invaded by zombie body snatchers (although it may have felt like it at times), but instead is having another record-breaking exhibition of wonderful works of photography for sale without any additional buyer's premiums. So come and use your checks and even your credit cards at most dealers, unlike at most of the auction houses where you HAVE to leave home without it.

And, yes, all those other weather records, etc. did indeed happen at past AIPAD shows (except for that locust thing). And, yes, that You-Tube segment on zombies was pretty dumb.

However, you can still see the AIPAD Show today, Sunday, April 1st, from 11 am until 6 pm at the New York Park Avenue Armory at Park Avenue and 67th Street.

And my further thanks to all even obliquely referred to for their good sense of humor, Robert Yoskowitz for some of the ghost writing this time on two of our articles, and others who added their warped sense of humor to the mix (no names to protect the guilty, but you know who you are), although all the real responsibility for this newsletter belongs to that guy, Matt Bored, so write to him with all your complaints.