Issue #192  4/30/2012
Dealers' Choice: Best Photos/Installations

The following were some of the photographs and groupings that AIPAD dealers themselves thought were some of the best from their fellow exhibitors:

Alan Klotz:

--At Charles Schwartz, "Daguerreotypes"

--At Parker Stephenson, "A wonderful Anton Bruehl"

Richard Moore:

--At Weinstein Gallery, "The large photographs by Robert Polidori were extraordinary"

James Hyman (James Hyman Gallery):

--At Hans Kraus, Gary Edwards, Alex Novak and Charles Isaacs, "Great 19th-century pieces"

--At Weston Gallery, "A memorable early work by Paul Strand"

Martin Weinstein (Weinstein Gallery):

--At ContemporaryWorks/Vintage Works, "Tom Baril's installation deserved recognition--strong images and excellent prints by a master photographer and printer"

Catherine Couturier (John Cleary Gallery):

--At Stephen Bulger Gallery, "The New York cityscape images"

--At Michael Shapiro, "The Ansel Adams, Monolith"

--At Andrew Smith Gallery, "I couldn't keep my eyes off the Ansel Adams, Sundown, The Pacific"

--At Verve, "I bought the contemporary ambrotype by Jennifer Schlesinger of a little girl being lifted off the ground by balloons that I think is just magical"

--At ContemporaryWorks/Vintage Works, "The booth was beautiful. The oversized Kertesz prints were really gorgeous"

Sasha Wolf (Sasha Wolf Gallery):

-- At Yossi Milo, "Tim Hetherington's work"

--At Higher Pictures, "Jessica Eaton's work"

Terry Etherton (Etherton Gallery):

--At Weinstein Gallery, "I loved the Robert Polidori prints in Martin Weinstein's booth"

Mack Lee (Lee Gallery):

--At David Zwirner, "Philip-Lorca diCorcia"

--At Daiter Gallery, "The Todd Webb Panorama of 6th Ave., New York"

Alex Novak (Contemporary Works/Vintage Works):

--At Scott Nichols Gallery, "Ansel Adams, 20 x 24 inch Moonrise, which I had to stare at across the aisle during the show (by the way, it was dirt cheap for this very rare size)"

--At Weinstein Gallery, "A beautiful booth with the stunning giant Robert Polidoris, the great Mapplethorpes (I wanted to buy at least three or four myself), and Vera Lutter's wall of work, not to mention the Alec Soth photos"

--At Higher Pictures, "Jessica Eaton's color abstracts"

--At James Hyman, "An important showing of very early 19th-century photography"

--At Eric Franck Fine Art, "Gaspar Gasparian's work from the 1940s"

--At Charles Schwartz, "Several of the wonderful daguerreotypes that sold quickly, as well as the small but superb self portrait of Lewis Carroll"

--At Lee Gallery, "A great vintage Walker Evans"

--At Parker Stephenson, "The Anton Bruehl fashion image"

--At Hans Kraus and Gary Edwards, "Some wonderful 19th-century work"

Marthe Smith (Contemporary Works/Vintage Works):

At Yossi Milo, "Tim Hetherington's photos of Afghanistan (Hetherington was a rising star who was killed recently in Libya)"

At Robert Burge/20th Century Photographs, Ltd., "John Woolf's large color photographs of insects"

At Yancey Richardson, "The beautiful color flowers by Sharon Core"

Kim Bourus (Higher Pictures):

At David Zwirner, "I loved David Zwirner's solo booth of Philip-Lorca diCorcia"

Charles Schwartz:

At Weinstein Gallery, "Vera Lutter's photographs"

Peter Fetterman:

At Hans P. Kraus, Jr., "Hans Kraus's booth is always sublimely inspiring"