Issue #194  9/25/2012
A Few Words About a Few Friends

By Alex Novak


Stephen Perloff
Stephen Perloff

My friend and someone whom I admire a lot is Stephen Perloff, who produces the "second best" newsletter in the photo trade (the Photograph Collector, which seriously shouldn't be missed) and runs the non-profit Photo Review (more about the group's fund-raising auction below).

Stephen was just presented the prestigious Colin Ford Award by the Royal Photographic Society, which is given each year to honor an individual who has contributed in a major way to curatorship. Steve has been an outstanding curator, teacher, artist photographer and editor/publisher--as well as a dear friend. Congratulations, Steve!


Tony Bannon has run the George Eastman House for the past 16 years until his retirement this year. Besides the big bash given by GEH for him, the Royal Photographic Society also chimed in with the J. Dudley Johnston Award, which is given for major achievement in the field of photographic criticism or the history of photography.

Tony has been a good friend, and I truly don't know what GEH will do without him, but he certainly has given it a foundation that is truly worthy. My congrats to Tony, and I wish him the best in his fake retirement. Why fake? Because I know he'll have to find something to work as hard at as he always does.


Fellow AIPAD dealer and New York gallerist extraordinaire Howard Greenberg seems to be garnering plaudits from every direction lately. On October 29th, the George Eastman House will give him the Lifetime Achievement in Photography Award.

On top of this award, Howard's own collection of photography will tour in Europe beginning this fall. The Howard Greenberg, Collection will be on view at the Musée de l'Elysée Lausanne, Switzerland, September 21, 2012-January 6, 2013, and at the Foundation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris, January 15-April 28, 2013. Dating from the early 1900s to as recently as 1992, the exhibition will feature the work of such groundbreaking artists as Diane Arbus, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, André Kertész, and William Klein. Nearly 120 photographs from Greenberg's collection of more than 500 will be on view--most for the first time.

My congratulations to Howard, whose contributions to the field are undeniably important.


Greenberg is not the only friend being recognized this year by the George Eastman House. GEH is giving Howard and Carole Tanenbaum the Light and Motion Award. The Tanenbaums of Toronto have established the Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Family Charitable Foundation and contribute to many causes related to health care, the Jewish community, education and the arts, including George Eastman House, for which Howard serves as a trustee and chairman of the museum's Photography Acquisitions Committee. My congratulations to this generous pair, whom I've had the pleasure to know for many years.


AIPAD dealer, Houston gallerist and good friend, Catherine Couturier has FINALLY made the name change from John Cleary Gallery to Catherine Couturier Gallery. She had taken over the gallery as John wanted after he passed away. All of those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Catherine feel it was well overdue, as I am sure John would have said himself.

As she more eloquently notes, "In the last four years, under my ownership, the gallery has evolved to embrace both that which John Cleary and I loved (mid-century French street photography and portraits of children, to name two) and more contemporary art that was always my area of expertise. The range of work represented is broader, and my eye is apparent on every wall and in every bin. It is now very much Catherine Couturier Gallery, and I am proud to put my name on this group of artists and these works of art."

She's also launched a new website and blog which you can see by clicking here: http://www.catherinecouturier.com/ . Congrats, Cat!

Novak has over 45 years experience in the photography-collecting arena. He is a long-time member and formally board member of the Daguerreian Society, and, when it was still functioning, he was a member of the American Photographic Historical Society (APHS). He organized the 2016 19th-century Photography Show and Conference for the Daguerreian Society. He is also a long-time member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers. Novak has been a member of the board of the nonprofit Photo Review, which publishes both the Photo Review and the Photograph Collector, and is currently on the Photo Review's advisory board. He was a founding member of the Getty Museum Photography Council. He is author of French 19th-Century Master Photographers: Life into Art.

Novak has had photography articles and columns published in several newspapers, the American Photographic Historical Society newsletter, the Photograph Collector and the Daguerreian Society newsletter. He writes and publishes the E-Photo Newsletter, the largest circulation newsletter in the field. Novak is also president and owner of Contemporary Works/Vintage Works, a private photography dealer, which sells by appointment and at exhibit shows, such as AIPAD New York and Miami, Art Chicago, Classic Photography LA, Photo LA, Paris Photo, The 19th-century Photography Show, etc.