Issue #202  5/1/2014
Bassenge Holds Auction of Chinese Photos, 1890s-1950s, Plus Multi-Owner Sale in Berlin on June 4th
China, Tibetan Monk, 1935
China, Tibetan Monk, 1935

Bassenge Photography Auctions is holding an auction of China Photographs, 1890s-1950s in Berlin at 2 pm and its normal multi-owner sale of 19th and 20th photography at 3:00 pm local time on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

In the first sale, there is a very solid and diverse collection of 70 lots of Chinese photographs, most dating from and in albums from the time of the Boxer Rebellion. Among the highlights are an album of the Chinese Civil War in Shanghai 1927-28 (est. 6000 €), an album of the Hong Kong typhoon 1906 (est. 4000 €), some groups of good stereo views (est. 2000 €), vintage photographs by Heinz von Perckhammer (2500 € and 900 €), as well as a large collection of approximately 240 high quality photographs taken 1935-37 on a journey through China and Japan (15,000 €). Much of the material being offered is unique and historically important.

A wide range of strong 19th-century material is also being offered in the regular multi-owner sale, including photographs by H. Béchard, Charles Clifford, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Milton M. Miller, Guglielmo Plüschow, Pun Lun Studio, some early photos of Russia, August Sachtler, Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Ratenicz, Joseph Tairraz,and Woodbury & Page.

Josef Ehm, Solarized nude, 1946
Josef Ehm, Solarized nude, 1946

The modern and contemporary section of the multi-owner auction includes many vintage and high quality photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki, Jean-Marie Auradon, Max Baur, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Ferenc Berko, Ilse Bing, Blanc & Demilly, Harry Callahan, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Pasquale de Antonis, André de Dienes, Robert Doisneau, Frantisek Drtikol, Harold Edgerton, Josef Ehm, Elliott Erwitt, Walker Evans, Louis Faurer, Lee Friedlander, Mario Giacomelli, Dan Graham, Milton H. Greene, Heinz Hajek-Halke, Konrad Helbig, Candida Höfer, Horst P. Horst, George Hurrell, André Kertész, Dorothea Lange, Lehnert & Landrock, Robert Longo, Danny Lyon, Man Ray, Werner Mantz, Boris Mikhailov, James Nachtwey, Arnold Newman, Bettina Rheims, Gerhard Richter, Alexander Rodchenko, Franz Roh, Arthur Rothstein, Michael Ruetz, August Sander, Jan Saudek, Jeanloup Sieff, Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, Miroslav Tichy, Reinhart Wolf and Willy Zielke, as well as many others, including some NASA photos.

Previewing for the auctions is: Monday, May 26-Saturday, May 31, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (CET), Monday, June 2, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., June 3, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., as well as by appointment. Previewing is at: Bassenge Modern Art Dept., Rankestr. 24, 1st floor, 10789 Berlin, Germany, Tel.: + 49 219 97 27. And the auctions are at: Bassenge, Erdener Str. 5a, 14193 Berlin, Tel. +49 30 893 80 29 0.

For photography, contact: Jennifer Augustyniak at jennifer@bassenge.com; by phone at: + 49 30 219 97 277; fax: +49 30 219 97 105. Or the department can be generally reached at art@bassenge.com .

The catalogue can be ordered from the department, or can be seen online shortly. Bassenge's home page can be found at: http://www.bassenge.com/bassenge/de/photo.asp?#ct. Several language versions of the information, including English are available on the site.