Issue #204  7/1/2014
Photographer Stanko Abadžic's Newest Book Is Now Available

You can now pre-order signed copies of photographer Stanko Abadžic's latest book from Contemporary Works/Vintage Works for $75 each. To order, just call 1-215-822-5662 or email us at info@contemporaryworks.net. Copies should be ready for shipment at the end of June.

The new book is entitled "Stanko Abadžic: Stanko Abadžic: Portfolio." The hardbound book is in a self cover and is 11.7 x 8.3 in. (297 x 211 mm).

The copies on offer are signed in ink on title fly page.

The introduction by Marija Tonkovic is printed in both Croatian and English text. This first edition is with 232 pages and comes in nine sections, with 180 black and white photographs by Abadžic including some of his most popular images.