Issue #206  9/5/2014
Violet Hamilton Passes Away

Violet Hamilton, who worked closely with Michael G. Wilson O.B.E. in developing his collection of photography, has died suddenly.

Hamilton, an Australian by birth but a long term UK resident, was a senior curator of the Wilson Centre for Photography, London, and a photographer in her own right, who worked on exhibiting her work. She lectured, was a researcher, historian and writer specializing in 19th-century women photographers, in particular the work of Julia Margaret Cameron. She wrote the text to "Annals of My Glass House" (1998), which used Cameron's photographs, and contributed to many other publications and supported others in their research.

Her funeral was held July 17th at Grantham Crematorium, Harrowby Road, Grantham. She is survived by her long-time partner Clive, her sister Patricia and niece Sarah.

Donations may be made to: The Leaveners via the Funeral Director, Robert Holland, 14 St Catherine's Road, Grantham. Lincolnshire. NG31 6TS, tel: +44 (0)1476 594422.