Issue #206  9/5/2014
Rohn Engh Dies of Pneumonia and Other Complications
Rohn Engh
Rohn Engh

On August 4th, professional freelance photographer Rohn Engh died of a sudden onset of infection causing serious pneumonia and multiple complications. He was two months shy of his 85th birthday.

Engh has operated his stock photography business since 1966 from a 100-acre farm in western Wisconsin. Features with his photographs and about his work appeared in such publications as TIME magazine, Changing Times, USA Today, MONEY magazine, Popular Photography, The Rangefinder and others.

Apparently, with Engh's passing his market letters and PhotoStockNOTES will now also fade from the scene. In recent years Engh tried to find a buyer in preparation for retirement, but without success.

PhotoStockNOTES was a lively mix of advice for the rapidly changing world of stock photography, as well as other important news about legal issues, copyright, police harassment of photographers, and other items of interest. Rohn provided a valuable service to photographers and his publications will be missed.