Issue #213  3/5/2015
Auction Help Available for Upcoming Paris Auctions

By Alex Novak

Paris Auctions are a bit more casual affair. (photo by Alex Novak)
Paris Auctions are a bit more casual affair. (photo by Alex Novak)

Just a reminder, I will be attending most of the upcoming Paris photo auctions later this month and would be happy to represent your interests there. We usually preview and bid for clients, who arrange their payments and shipping with the auction houses directly (although we can assist here as well if you require).

Our basic charge is 5% of the hammer price (about half the normal going rate) against a minimum charge of $250 in Europe. This minimum charge is in case you choose not to bid after our condition report and advice or are unsuccessful in your bidding. Only the 5% fee is charged if you are successful and the hammer price is over $5,000 in Europe. Believe me when I say that we have saved clients thousands of dollars in bad bids and have helped others attain top pieces at auction.

Just call Marthe Smith or me at Vintage Works, Ltd. at 1-215-822-5662 to make arrangements; or call me direct in Europe at 1-215-518-6962 on my mobile. I would also be very happy to meet clients while in Paris from March 14-27.