Issue #213  3/5/2015
Dog Image Collection Offered for Sale

I Photo Central dealer Charles Schwartz Ltd. is selling a major collection of 19th-century images with dogs. There are 76 photographs in all, including daguerreotypes (37), ambrotypes (20), tintypes (16), panotype (1), and glass slides (2 - 20th century).

A dog is a man's best friend. The special bond between humans and canines has been documented throughout history, and this collection shows a wonderful variety of portraits of dogs, as well as people with their dogs. From hunting partner to beloved pet, dogs hold a special place in the lives of their masters. Dogs also posed a particular challenge for early photographers, for whom a moving animal was not an ideal subject. Enjoy this unique selection of 76 excellent dog photographs. Please contact Charles Schwartz for collection details and price at cms@cs-photo.com, or by phone at 1-212-534-4496.

To see the group online, go to: http://www.charles-schwartz.com/dog-collection/.