Issue #238  1/12/2018
Long-Time Daguerreotype Collector and Private Dealer Julian Wolff Passes Away

By Alex Novak

Julian Wolff
Julian Wolff

Long-time daguerreotype collector and private dealer Julian Wolff passed away this past October 7th at the age of 92. Unfortunately I was unaware of his death until recently. I met Julian back in the mid-1980s, at some of the smaller photo venues in NYC, and I valued his friendship. He exhibited at the Daguerreian Society's 2016 19th-century Show that I chaired.

As Jeremy Rowe, president of the Daguerreian Society noted, "Julian was a passionate collector and long-time mentor to almost everyone who collected daguerreotypes over the last 50 years. Julian always had a smile on his face, and was incredibly open about sharing information, his collection, and life experiences."

Wolff was an industrial arts teacher and a talented glass and ceramic artist and member of the Long Island Craft Guild. He taught ceramics, woodworking, jewelry and photography in the NYC school system for over 35 years.

The Daguerreian Society has named a new publications fund after Wolff. The Julian Wolff Publications Fund will support Daguerreian Society efforts to encourage and recognize publications by young collectors, scholars and professionals in the field of 19th-century photographic history. The funds will be used to extend previous successful efforts to offer competitive awards and recognition to encourage submissions, and support editorial and publication costs for obtaining illustrations and other related publication expenses. Donations are tax deductible. Contact: Diane Filippi, The Daguerreian Society,
PO Box #306
, Cecil, PA 15321-0306; email: diane_dagsoc@comcast.net.