Issue #245  10/21/2018
Special Program at Bry-sur-Marne for Cinema and Photography during Paris Photo Week
A still from animated short film,"Five Animated Daguerreotypes In 3-D" by Claudia Kunin
A still from animated short film,"Five Animated Daguerreotypes In 3-D" by Claudia Kunin

If you are in Paris for Paris Photo, or even afterwards, you might want take a side trip to the nearby suburb of Bry-sur-Marne, which is the burial site of Louis Daguerre, often cited as the inventor of photography. Daguerre's only remaining diorama still in existence today is also being restored in the town.

Bry-sur-Marne and its mayor, Jean-Pierre Spilbauer, has been heavily involved in the efforts to preserve Daguerre's important photographic heritage in the town.

The town has been renovating Daguerre's mansion at 4 Rue du 136ème de Ligne as a museum. There have been many photography events and exhibits there and at the nearby Musee Adrien Mentienne on rue Daguerre near the town's hotel de ville, or city hall. The town can be easily be reached by train (RER A) or car from Paris.

This year from November 7th to 18th Daguerre's Mansion will feature an event entitled, "Arts and Lights of Daguerre", which will focus on "Photography and Cinema: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The Mayor says, "This will be an opportunity to launch our economic development project on the theme of 'the image of the future'." Besides the connection with Daguerre, the town also houses both Studios de Cinéma and l’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (Ina).

The opening of this year's special event will be held on Wednesday, November 7th at 6:30 pm. On Saturday, November 10th, there will be a series of lectures and roundtables on photography. The town will host a gala dinner on Tuesday, November 13th, but dinner reservation must be made in advance with Valerie Authier, chief of staff, at mairie@bry94.fr. Thursday evening, November 15th will be devoted to cinema and animated image professionals. There will be a closing ceremony on Sunday, November 18th.

Throughout the 11 days there will be various concerts and light-based animations; and the town's park will be specially lit for the occasion.

American animator and photographer Claudia Kunin, who is represented by Contemporary Works/Vintage Works, will be part of the program, which will show her prize-winning film, "Five Animated Daguerreotypes In 3-D" on a continuous loop during the event. The full run-time is just over ten minutes for this animated film.

Here's what the creator Kunin has to say about the film: "One could say that I have had a decades long love affair with daguerreotypes. At first glance, the life-like quality of the image married with the depth and air of mystery completely seduced me. I was convinced that a bit of the soul of the sitter had been captured, as they projected their life force through the lens and onto the sensitized silver plate. Over the years I have collected various portraits that have spoken to me. One of the tenets of my artistic practice is to use what I have. My treasure trove of daguerreian portraits was no exception. They were waiting to tell their stories. I have opened the cases and listened…and this is what they told me."

For further information and Tuesday, November 13th dinner reservations, contact Valerie Authier, chief of staff, at mairie@bry94.fr, or by phone (33) 01 45 16 68 00.