Issue #34  10/17/2001
Feedback On The Last Newsletter

By Alex Novak

Dealer Charles Isaacs let me know that, besides underbidding William Schaeffer on the Civil War prints, he was also the underbidder to Lee Marks on the Tina Modotti Worker's Paradise image in the Sotheby's sale. Not, as he told me, that he would LIKE to get credit for underbidding.

Michael Mattis let me know that I missed one on my "restaurant review" of Sotheby's lunchroom. "Down the steps to the right upon entering Sotheby's, there's a 'real' restaurant called BID (which is Sotheby's NYSE moniker). It's modeled on the Sotheby's UK in-house restaurant. (The 10th floor is merely a sandwich shop.) Good food, good service, but not cheap.

Sid Morse let me know that he and dealer Terry Etherton were the buyers on the partial Strand portfolio at Swann.