Issue #39  12/19/2001
Calotype Album Fetches Over 220,000 Pounds Sterling in Uk Auction

Over across the channel, book auctioneer Dominic Winter was setting some records of his own on a unique volume (No. 1) of the Edinburgh Calotype Club Album. The Edinburgh Central Library holds Volume 2.

Estimated at 20,000-30,000 pounds sterling, the album soared to 220,000 pounds, excluding the premium. London book dealer Quaritch was the last one standing in this bitter fight.

The album contained 206 calotype prints, including many portraits and views of buildings in Edinburgh, some in St. Andrews, various Scottish houses, boats and boatmen, and a number of views in Malta and Italy. The condition on the prints was extremely variable, however, and most of the images were pale, although there are some exceptional prints in the album.