Issue #40  1/10/2002
Christie's East in The Afternoon

Well, I lied: apparently it is not called Christie's East any more. Everything has now been moved and consolidated into Rockefeller Center. However, the portion of Christie's formerly called Christie's East is holding an auction in the afternoon of Tuesday, February 19 at 2:30 pm.

Apparently still in search of an approach and trying to cash in on Swann's success in this time slot, the auction will still largely focus on the late printed images that it has been known for in the past, including Robert Doisneau's Kiss and Last Waltz and Bernice Abbott's El at the Battery and Department of Docks and Police. There are a couple of decent mid-level vintage prints of a snowy MacDougal Street by Andre Kertesz and a pair of Irving Penn nudes from the 1970s. The auction will also apparently feature the work of many Photo League photographers.

Estimates--for the most part--appear to be reasonable at both the Christie's and Swann auctions. There may be some good buys at both auctions, as there were in October, although clearly Swann has the class of the material in this outing.