Issue #43  4/30/2002
Special Exhibitions On Iphotocentral Website

The I Photo Central website (www.iphotocentral.com) has four new Special Exhibits, which is a new feature area on the website's menu bar. This can be found at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase.php This new section will allow the web site to show special exhibitions by theme or photographer.

19th Century Master Works by Master Photographers

Nineteenth-Century Master Works by Master Photographers is accompanied by an essay that discusses the early and rapid evolution of photography as a new art medium. Twenty-eight images have been selected from I Photo Central's inventory to represent some of the top early (1843-1874) master image-makers. All the images are currently for sale.

Eugene Atget--Haunted Paris: Trees, Parks and Architecture

Atget photographed old Paris like no one else. Here is a selection of a dozen of his images from I Photo Central's inventory with an essay by Maria Connolly.

Saharan Visions: Early Images of the Orient

This exhibit features the earliest images of the Saharan area of North Africa, from Algeria to Egypt. There is a selection of 28 early images from inventory that illustrates this exhibit.

The Photo-Secession and Stieglitz's Camera Work

A group of 14 images, combining some master vintage prints with photogravures from Camera Work, give a glimpse of the Photo-Secession and its importance to the medium.

We will be posting up other Special Exhibits in the near future.