Issue #49  10/2/2002
New Images Posted to I Photo Central Website; Free Shipping and Donations to Charity Now For I Photo Central Customers

It is easy to forget the many others in the world less fortunate than us. We here at Vintage Works, Ltd., Charles Schwartz Ltd., and I Photo Central would also like to do our part again. Last year Vintage Works, with the great help of our many website customers, was able to make a charitable donation of $2,500 based on last year's more limited (November and December) holiday website program. From now until the end of the year, Charles and I will donate to charity 10% of any purchases made from our websites:


http://www.cs-photo.com ,

and http://www.vintageworks.net

And, in the spirit of the holidays, we will waive all shipping charges in the continental U.S. until the end of the year.

Can we suggest that you, our loyal readers, also be extra giving this year? Thanks.

Private photo dealer Charles Schwartz Ltd., who has recently joined the I Photo Central website group, and Vintage Works, Ltd. have both posted up nearly 100 new images at http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php Both 19th- and 20th-century photographs have been added over the last month.

If you would like to check out Schwartz's entire listings (nearly 500), go to the search page above on I Photo Central and put CharlesSchwartz in the key word search without any space between the words and with the capital letters on the C and S.

We have also created a couple of special selections that you can now access through the key word search on I Photo Central's search page at http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php After you go to the search page, simply put in one of the following key words to bring up the selection you want. You must put the name of the selection in exactly as shown with no spaces, including the number at the end. This selection is case sensitive, so you must use capital letters when shown. It is best to copy and paste the word, but take care not to include the comma. You can also add other search criteria from the drop-down menus above the key word search field, such as era (19th, 20th, contemporary) or price range limitations to further limit your selection, but you cannot add any other words to the key word search when doing one of these special selections. You must also hit the "Search" button and not the "Show All Images" button to have this work.

Here are the new selections that you can use: TheFemaleImage1 , which will get you most of the images of women on the site, PhotogPortrait1 , which will give you images of photographers themselves (either self portraits or portraits by fellow photographers), and 1960-2002Photo , which will give you images made from 1960 to date.