Issue #65  12/2/2003
Musee Picasso Seeks Dora Maar Images For Upcoming Exhibits and Catalogue

Curator Anne Baldassari of the Musee Picasso is searching for images by Dora Maar for an upcoming exhibit and catalogue.

The first show specifically devoted to Dora Maar will be presented at the Galerija Klovicevi Dvori in Zagreb, Croatia, fall, 2004.

In 2005-2006, a very important exhibition in Paris, Houston (Museum of Fine Arts) and Melbourne (National Gallery of Victoria), entitled "Picasso/Dora Maar" and exploring their relationship between the years 1935-45, will show about 50 works by Dora Maar (photomontages, reportages, portraits, recherches surréalistes). At the same time, a catalogue raisonné of Dora Maar's work prepared by the Musee Picasso and the National Museum of Modern Art (Georges Pompidou Center) will be published in 2005.

You can contact Anne Baldassari at anne.baldassari@culture.gouv.fr if you have any Dora Maar images you would like to share for these projects.