Issue #70  3/29/2004
Aphs Table-Top Show On Sunday, April 4 in NYC

On Sunday, April 4, the American Photographic Historical Society will host its one-day photography show from 10 am-3 pm at the Holiday Inn/Martinique, 32nd & Broadway, New York, NY. Besides US dealers from around the country, several European photo dealers have told me that they will be exhibiting at this tabletop show. There will be a wide variety of photographic images including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, stereo views and photo albums, as well as important 19th and 20th-century paper photographs. There will also be a good selection of new and used books, ephemera and other collectable photographica. Free appraisals will be offered.

The ticket price is normally $6, but newsletter readers will get a $1 off by showing this page at the ticket table. Early entry is available from 8:30 am for $45.

Vintage Works will again be exhibiting. Please let us know if you would like to see something special.