Issue #255  12/9/2022
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Photo Discovery, a Tabletop Fair, Sets up Close to Paris Photo at the Pullman Hotel

By Michael Diemar

Photo Discover set up in the very shadow of the Eiffel Tower.
Photo Discover set up in the very shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Photo Discovery, the tabletop fair organized by Bruno Tartarin, is for many in the vintage sector as much of a magnet to the city as Paris Photo itself. And Tartarin had made some changes this year.

"I decided to move the fair from Le Pavillon Wagram to a location closer to Paris Photo. Last year, I exhibited with Serge Kakou and Adnan Sezer at Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, a luxury hotel five minutes from Paris Photo. I was so pleased with the venue that I decided it would be a good location for the fair. I also changed the date from Friday to Saturday and it worked out extremely well".

It was certainly the tabletop fair with the best view in the world, with the Eiffel Tower hovering over the proceedings. With 45 dealers from France, the European continent, the UK and the US, the fair was buzzing from when the doors opened at 8.00 AM.

Prices here ranged from 10 euros up towards nearer a million and several exhibitors at the main fair, including Michael Hoppen and Hans Kraus, were in attendance. Other well-known faces included Robert Flynn Johnson and Hans Rooseboom. But I also noted several first-time visitors, including New York-based author, curator and collector Vince Aletti, who told me, "This is the first time I have visited the fair. It was so much fun, with so much to look at, and I bought a Wilhelm von Gloeden print that I just couldn’t resist."

I met several people that I hadn’t met before, and had some very interesting conversations, underlining just how important the fairs, big and small, are for the photography community.

Michael Diemar is a London-based collector and consultant. He is also editor-in-chief of The Classic, a new free magazine about classic photography. He is a long-time writer about the photography scene, writing extensively for several Scandinavian photography publications, as well as for the E-Photo Newsletter and I Photo Central.