Issue #255  12/9/2022
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The Photo Review Benefit Auction After-sale
Tom Baril, Two Tulips, 2002 (copyright of the artist).
Tom Baril, Two Tulips, 2002 (copyright of the artist).

As seems to be the case with a number of benefit auctions this year, The non-profit Photo Review Benefit Auction run by Stephen Perloff did not do as well as usual this year. Maybe it was pandemic fatigue, election exhaustion, inflation, or something else.

The Photo Review sold some very good pictures, but as always some lots did not meet their minimum reserves and were bought in. So once again the Photo Review is having a sealed bid auction of unsold lots from this year’s auction. View the auction here: https://photoreviewauction.org/auction-catalog/. (The lots that sold have been removed from the catalog and the after-sale introduction and rules are current, but other parts of the site are still being updated and should be finished shortly.)

Absentee bidding closes at 5 p.m. EST on January 20, 2023. The auction will also honor its "End This Auction" feature through the closing date: bid the high estimate and the auction ends immediately and the lot is yours.