Issue #258  5/5/2023
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AIPAD Announces New President Martijn van Pieterson of IBASHO Gallery
Martijn van Pieterson of IBASHO Gallery. (Photo by Annemarie Zethof)
Martijn van Pieterson of IBASHO Gallery. (Photo by Annemarie Zethof)

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) welcomes Martijn van Pieterson of IBASHO Gallery as the new President of the Board of Directors.

The Dutch-born van Pieterson opened his gallery with his wife, Annemarie Zethof, in 2015, after an 18-year career in banking and finance in Amsterdam and London. IBASHO means "a place where you can be yourself" in Japanese, and the gallery is on the first floor of van Pieterson and Zethof's home, where they live with their two daughters, Odette and Aimee, and their two cats, Mocca and Chino.

The gallery, which also has a bookshop, specializes in Japanese photography and publishes its own photobooks in collaboration with French publisher the (M) éditions. IBASHO maintains a collection of vintage and early prints by Japanese master photographers and works with a broad range of Japanese artists as well as non-Japanese artists whose work presents Japanese subjects. The gallery joined AIPAD in 2018; van Pieterson joined the board in 2019 and the executive board in 2021.

AIPAD would also like to thank Michael Lee, of Lee Gallery, for his term as President, which saw AIPAD through the pandemic and brought The Photography Show back into being. He remains a vital member of the Board of Directors as Second Vice President.