Issue #264  1/9/2024
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AIPAD Returns to New York's Park Avenue Armory Venue with 78 International Exhibitors
General view of the last time AIPAD used the Park Avenue Armory. Copyright Julienne Schaer.
General view of the last time AIPAD used the Park Avenue Armory. Copyright Julienne Schaer.

In 2024, The Photography Show presented by AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers), the longest-running and leading fair dedicated to photography, will return to its previous home, the Park Avenue Armory, for the first time since 2016.

The list of exhibitors for The Photography Show, April 25-28 at the Armory, includes 78 galleries from across the globe, with longstanding AIPAD members as well as galleries new to the fair. The full list and samples of work to be exhibited can be found here: https://www.aipad.com/exhibitors. Contemporary Works/Vintage Works will be exhibiting again this year with a mix of vintage masterworks and cutting edge contemporary photography.

"I am very pleased with the exhibitor list for our upcoming show at the Park Avenue Armory," says AIPAD President Martijn van Pieterson. "Its quality and breadth show AIPAD's continued importance in the international art and photography calendar. These exhibitors reflect both the global nature of our organization with a strong participation of international galleries as well as the efforts we are making to grow and rejuvenate our organization with many new members exhibiting and the inauguration of an associate member section. I am immensely looking forward to exhibiting myself, being among friends and returning to this iconic venue."

Complementing the fair’s presentations, The Photography Show will feature robust programming for all ages: panels hosted by thought leaders in the arts and culture space will be accompanied by insightful walkthroughs and educational events, in addition to the the celebration of the prestigious annual AIPAD Award, presented to a pioneer in the community who is changing how we perceive photography.