Issue #131  7/23/2007
Photographer Mitch Dobrowner's Western Landscapes Added to Roster of Contemporary Works/Vintage Works

I Photo Central dealer Contemporary Works/Vintage Works has added another photographer to its roster--Mitch Dobrowner. Dobrowner's startling Western landscapes are beautifully printed and have an unworldly presence to them.

The artist describes his subject and his response to it this way: "The Earth is an ever changing ego-system. It's existed well before we were here and will hopefully be here well beyond the time we leave it. It's real, at times beautifully surreal, powerfully haunting and alive, all at the same time."

"While photographing, the world gets quiet around me. Things seem simple again, and I obtain a respect and reverence for the world that is hard to communicate through words. I get into a 'zone' where time and space seem hard for me to measure. For me those moments are a combination of the exterior environment and my own interior state. Hopefully the images presented help communicate what I visualize during those times."

All of the images presented have been captured on a combination of either 35mm black & white film and/or digitally. Most of Dobrowner's current work is now digital. All darkroom work is performed in a dry darkroom with minimal dodging and burning. Prints are produced on 100% archival cotton rag paper with archival pigment inks.

Dobrowner has won numerous awards over the last few years, including the latest, a first prize in the Nature category for his B&W photo entry, "Rainstorm" from the French Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) Competition. His work has also been recently featured in Black & White magazine and Lensworks.

Prints are produced using archival pigment inks on archival quality 100% cotton rag paper. The prints come in two sizes in a total edition of 50, plus 2 APs, except for Civilization, Los Angeles, CA, which comes in a total edition of 100. The smaller roughly 12 x 18 inch version is printed on 13 x 19 inch Fine Art Velvet paper and is currently $500 for most images. The roughly 15-1/2 x 21 inch version is printed on 17 x 22 inch UltraSmoothe Fine Art paper and is currently $700 for most images. Matting and/or framing would be additional. The prints are frankly stunning. Prices are expected to go up shortly after this introduction here at Contemporary Works. Dobrowner's work, although just introduced this year to the market, is quickly selling out, especially on his key images.

You can see examples of his photography and a full biography at: http://www.contemporaryworks.net/artists/artist_imgs.php/1/6597 .