Issue #139  1/3/2008
Over 130 New Images Posted to I Photo Central Website

You can find over 130 new images up on the I Photo Central web site, posted up just this week.

Twentieth-century photographers, whose important vintage images have just been posted up to the website, include: Dorothea Lange, Ilse Bing, Andre Kertesz, Aaron Siskind, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Josef Sudek, Josef Ehm, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Lewis Hine, Tina Modotti, Carl Mydans, Roy Schatt, Arthur Tress, Doris Ulmann and Max Waldman.

Included are also top 19th-century images by the following masters: Bisson Freres, Julia M. Cameron, Eugene Cuvelier, Louis De Clercq, Gustave Le Gray, Paul Nadar (of the rare and famous "photo interview" between Nadar, the elder, and Chevreul) and Louis Vignes.

There is also new contemporary work from Lisa Holden, Stanko Abadzic, and Arthur Tress.

This doesn't count the 200+ master images that went up last month, so search carefully on the site and in the Special Exhibits and the Member Gallery Top Picks, which have all been revised and updated as of yesterday.

This brings the total to over 6,300 images up on the website, making I Photo Central, by far and away, the largest and most important website for fine photography on the Internet. Contemporary Works/Vintage Works alone has now put up 4,000 images.

Just go to http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php and go to the drop down menu on "Time Frame of Posting" and click on "Past Week" or "Past Month". You will see all of the great images posted up within the last 30 days--most just this week.