Issue #145  7/1/2008
Over 200 New Photos Added to I Photo Central; as Special Exhibits Are Also Updated With New Images

Over the last month over 200 new photographs and photo books have been added to the I Photo Central website, including many classics. Plus, numerous Special Exhibits have also been updated with new images added. To see everything that has been added, click here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/16/30/0 .

To check out the Special Exhibits simply click here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase.php . There are not only photographs for sale, but also in-depth essays that accompany each Photo Exhibit.

Charles Schwartz Ltd. has added a number of top between-the-wars Japanese modernist images to the website, including photographs by Yoshiro Hirogane, Koichi Sato, Toda and Sendai Shashin Kai. Plus the firm has added a great 1910c Jesse Tarbox Beals image of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Contemporary Works/Vintage Works has also added well over 170 new images to its inventory on the site. New contemporary images from its represented artists have been added for Stanko Abadzic, Mitch Dobrowner, Claudia Kunin and Arthur Tress. Other contemporary artists whose work was added to inventory include: Robert Mapplethorpe (a large Portrait of Actress Isabella Rossellini with Hands), Olivia Parker (still lifes from her "Lost Objects" portfolio), Christian Vogt (his 12 Nudes portfolio), Kenneth Josephson (three vintage prints), Helmut Newton (Berlin Nude), Ralph Gibson (five vintage prints) and Barbara Kasten (one of her color Polaroid studies).

The important 19th-century images include:

--Two new Felix Teynard salt prints, including the only know ethnographic image made by Teynard (Helmsman and Sailor, Amada, Egypt) and the graphic (Construction Ensablée--Architrave, Fûts et Châpitaux, Egypte).

--A fine group of early 1860s Felice Beato Japanese images, including Sumo Wrestlers and Umpire, Party in Japan (with Concubine), Playing Go and Japanese Garden.

-- Henry Peach Robinson's beautiful "The Stream in Summer" made in a sepia-toned platinotype print by his son just after his death in 1901.

-- Edouard Baldus's large Bibliotheque Imperiale du Louvre, Paris with Horse Cart.

--Several new Charles Negre images, including a waxed paper negative and matching heliogravure of Chartres Cathedral in 1851, and one of his 1859 statues in the Tuileries.

-- Fr. Alphonse Fortier's 1851 salt print of L'Hotel de Ville et le Pont d'Arcole.

--Another important 1854 albumenized salt print by Alphonse De Launay of Seville, Spain.

--An 1853 paper negative by the Varin Brothers of shipbuilding in Rochelle, France.

--A rare Blanquart-Evrard salt print from paper negative by Charles Marville of Trees.

-- Amboise Pierre Richebourg's magnificent albumen print of the bedroom chamber in the palace of the Russian Czar Alexander I.

--The British Executive Engineer's Office 1892 documentation in 24 cyanotypes of views of Mudgorge and the Earth Slippage Effect on the Rail Line to Quetta.

The important vintage 20th-century photographs include:

--Several 1940s vintage prints by Aaron Siskind.

--An early (circa 1958-65) print of the rare Shanghai by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

--A wonderfully quirky and unique vintage print of "Sheep Washing in Wales" that seems to defy gravity by Grace Robinson.

--A rare, possibly unique pigment print by Josef Sudek of a still life with paper and brown bread.

--Raoul Ubac's surrealist image "Tête du Mannequin d’Andre Masson".

--Two nude studies by Albert Rudomine or his friend and associate H. Payelle.

-- Edouard Boubat's "Ceriser en Fleurs, Paris" (Cherry Tree in Blossom, Paris).

-- Charles Harbutt's spooky 1970s "Window, Kalamazoo, MI".

--A number of good Gianni Berengo Gardin images.

-- A Kalidescope Distortion of Horse and Rider by Weegee.

--An experimental image of Peacock Feathers and Figure by Vilem Kriz.

--A stunning ½-plate autochrome of a still life of colored peonies.

-- Kyoichi Sawada's Tan Binh, South Vietnam, which was named World Press Photo of the Year in 1966.

--A pair of good Laure Albin-Guillot photographs of landscapes and one portrait.

Of course, there are still many more that have been recently added. There are now well over 2,000 different photographers represented on the site.