Issue #165  11/2/2009
Christie's Sells Single-Owner Collection of Sally Mann Images

By Alex Novak

The single-owner sale at Christie's evening sale of Sally Mann photographs did reasonably well, selling 79.7% of the lots and netting $667,625 including the steep Christie's premiums. I have limited my reporting to those lots that hit $20,000 or more

Lot 307, Candy Cigarette, sold for an artist world auction record of $68,500, just over its high estimate, to a "private" party.

Lot 309, The Last Time Emmett Modeled Nude, also sold well at $40,000—again over the high estimate and to another "private" party. Jessie in the Wind (lot 317) was another top seller at $27,500.

Night Blooming Cereus (lot 326), the cover of Mann's book, "Still Time", sold for $22,500, which was just below the low estimate. Damaged Child (lot 336) sold for $22,500, just at the high estimate. Lot 345, Virginia #36, one of only a few of her later pieces (and atypical of them), sold for just above the high estimate for $27,500. And the last lot in the sale, lot 358, Emmett, Jessie and Virginia, the cover of Mann's book, "Immediate Family", sold over the high estimate at $22,500.