Issue #169  1/11/2010
Be-hold's Auction Will Intersect With Major Photography Exhibitions and Presentations

Be-hold will conduct a catalog/internet auction of photographs on January 28th. From January 22 through January 28th there will be an exhibition of the material, plus other photography events, at the historic Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Ave., in New York City. The sale will feature an extraordinary selection of vintage press and documentary photographs.

In connection with the auction exhibit, there will also be an exhibition of specially selected and printed photographs by major celebrity and political portrait photographers. These will be for direct sale, and are not part of the auction. The photographers include:

--Danny Clinch, who is a major photographer on the pop music scene and whose work has covered artists such as Radiohead, U2, Springsteen and Mettalica. His photographs have appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and the New Yorker.

--Brian Hamill, who is a distinguished photojournalist of the Rock and Roll scene, who has been a unit photographer on over 75 movies including "Raging Bull" and 26 Woody Allen films.

--Gregory Heisler, who has produced over 70 Time covers. His photographic essays have appeared in Life, Time, Esquire and other publications.

--David Hume Kennerly, who won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for photographs of the Vietnam War. He has been on the masthead of Time and Life, and was contributing editor at Newsweek.

--Ken Regan, who has been a major sports photographer, has had a close professional association with the Kennedy family, and--for more than 30 years--has been Bob Dylan's official photographer.

--Mark Sennet, who has created over 120 covers for People and over 100 for Time-Life.

Aside from this exhibition and sale, there will be individual presentations by some of these photographers. Brian Wallis, chief curator at the International Center of Photography, will give a talk on recently discovered photographs by Robert Capa. Dr. Stanley Burns, whose numerous publications include recent books on press photographs of crime, and on "altered" photographs, will also give a presentation.

Another exhibition will be of photographs associated with the Floating Foundation of Photography. This was a major gallery and studio on a purple barge on the Hudson River during the 1970's, supported by photographers such as Lisette Model and W. Eugene Smith. The exhibit will include a number of visionary painted collage photographs by Maggie Sherwood, the colorful force behind the Foundation. These works have been rarely seen or offered for sale, but one is featured in the Be-hold auction.

Specific times and further information on all of these programs and the auction can be found at: http://www.be-hold.com .

The documentary portion of the Be-hold auction includes a colorful group of 1930's crime and gangster photographs. There is an archive of 38 original photographs of the Hindenberg disaster, including unfamiliar images. A group of lots present rare images related to the 1927 Mississippi flood. The photographs relate to the labor camps in which black field workers were kept, in order to work on the levees, and they include an eight-part panorama.

Significant material from the Spanish Civil War and WWII is presented, including vintage images by Robert Capa and Edward Steichen, as well as Soviet photographs from the Russian Front. Many lots deal with the Kennedy's, including a photograph of the assassination, a possibly unique collection of 28 color photographs of the Kennedy funeral, and even nude paparazzi photographs of Jackie. A fascinating group of photographs deals with Elvis Presley's army service. There are many vivid photographs from the Vietnam War.

Much material concerns Civil Rights activities, including Martin Luther King's Selma march, and his funeral. Many lots include photographs of the racial urban unrest in major U.S. cities, including Watts, Detroit and Newark. Other sides of the urban scene include photographs of gangs in the Bronx and of Hell's Angels.

The auction does not neglect other aspects of the Be-hold's traditional offerings. Twenty-one lots of daguerreotypes and ambrotypes include a lovely portrait by Southworth and Hawes, a fine half-plate architectural study of a house and several occupational portraits. There is a desirable carte-de-visite of Custer as Major General in 1865. There is a large framed albumen print of the Boston Fire, and a Yosemite scene by Watkins. There are also two large albumen prints by Julia Margeret Cameron of her sons, including a lovely one of the son who became a photographer.

There is a platinum print scene by Rudolf Eickemeyer and an unusual charming 1906 book issued by a Rochester, NY bank with gravure prints of photographs by Clarence White. There are five platinum print portraits of Lewis Mumford by Doris Ulmann. Photographs by other women are also well represented, including works by Berenice Abbott, Maggie Sherwood, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Catherine Wagner, Eva Rubenstein, Joyce Baronio, Cindy Sherman and Cathleen Naundorf.

Information about the auction and associated events, including ordering catalogs, can be found at http://www.be-hold.com . Contact Larry Gottheim at behold@be-hold.com or 1-914-423-5806.