Issue #178  1/5/2011
AXA Awards Photo Conservation Grant

AXA Art Insurance Corp. recently awarded its 2010-2011 global AXA Art Research Grant to Professor Bertrand Lavedrine, director of Le Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections (CRCC) in Paris, and his team of researchers. This award will support research on preventive measures to protect fine art photography and introduce an improved dosimeter, a device that monitors the impact of light on sensitive art objects--specifically photographs, prints, drawings and watercolors.

The goal of the AXA Art/CRCC collaboration is to make collectors more knowledgeable about photography’s fragile nature and to explore solutions to address its unique preservation issues. Light damage is certainly a major concern to all. AXA Art and the CRCC will also make available the results of the research findings to support collectors seeking to safeguard their photographic collections. Information on preventive maintenance techniques will be disseminated to private collectors, art dealers, and institutions through a series of newsletters, lectures and exhibitions. Since 2005, AXA Art has supported research in conservation through the framework of its global AXA Art Research Grant, which awards funding to scientific studies that contribute to the preservation of cultural assets.