Issue #193  7/11/2012
Photo Conservator Liliana Bustos Passes Away

Liliana Bustos succumbed recently to cancer, according to Ángel Fuentes De Cía, a colleague. Liliana Bustos was a photographic conservator in private practice. She had a business called Lilphoto where she worked for 19 years.

Lilphoto was involved with the organization and conservation of photographic archives, including photograph mounting, portfolios, and advice to artists and institutions, as well as seminars and workshops on the subject.

Bustos combined this work with her activity in the conservation area of the Museo del Bicentenario where, for 21 years, she was responsible for the photographic archives. Since 2003 she taught such conservation topics as conservation in museums and graphic document and paper conservation at IUNA - (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte).

According to Fuentes De Cía, "for the past few months she fought a fierce battle against cancer that she could not win. This did not break her strength of mind, her infectious optimism or her exuberant personality. I had the privilege of contributing to her professional training from the beginning of her career. Her loss was a tough blow to her colleagues and friends, who will always miss her."