Issue #195  12/4/2012
Binoche Auction On Dec. 13-14 Features Photographs From Around The World

The Binoche et Giquello auction house is featuring 500 lots starting at on 500 euro each, although clearly the lots are in many cases worth many times 500 euro. In other words it is a "selling" auction. On the first day the theme will be "The Golden Age: 1850-1914." This Photo auction is taking place on December 13, 2012, at 2 pm at Hôtel Drouot - Salle 9 - Rue Drouot, Paris, France, in the 9th arrondissement. On the second Day, the auction focuses on "The Silver Age from 1914-1989" on December 14th in the same location

All photographs of this auction have a creation or print date that is given as precisely as possible. All lots are arranged and organized by date.

The paper catalogue itself has a quite unusual shape, with images in a linear vertical format.

On the first day, some of the images in "The Golden Age" section will include:

--Groups of daguerreotypes and stereo daguerreotypes.

--Three rare early Durandelles of the new Opera, including an unique variant of the view now exhibited in "100 chefs-d'oeuvres de la Bibliotheque Nationale".

--A group of Caneva photographs.

--Scientific photographs.

--Early South American, including the first paper photograph of Colombia by Luis Garcia Hevia.

--And even some boxes of hand-colored Japanese round lantern slides.

On the second day, some of the images of "The Silver Age" will include:

--Rare aviation items from the collection of the famous General Pinsard, including several signed Lindberg portraits.

--Soviet avant-garde images including those by Meyerhold, Temerin, Rodchenco and an unknown portrait of Mayakovsky in Paris.

--1930's prints by women photographers, including Germain Krull, Florence Henri and Reine Briac.

--Some Man Ray fashion photos with the rare "studio Man Ray" stamp (M51).

--Some vintage FSA and Dorothea Lange.

--Vintage Luke Swank photographs.

--Luis B. Ramos 1938 exhibition prints.

--A Lola Alvarez-Bravo self-portrait.

--A dedicated portrait of Ho-Chi-Min from 1946 and another of Maurice Thorez from 1945.

--Maywald portraits of Ecole de Paris artists.

--Doisneau photos of weddings in the suburbs.

--Good examples by Eastern European artists, including Sudek, Hausmann, Reichman and Senkinc.

--Thirty Rudolf Rossi beauties including Bettie Page.

--A group of Leningrad Underground artists.

---1950's photos of North-Korea.

--The archive of an African street photographer.

The expert for the sale is Antoine Romand. His cell phone is 011-33-(0)6-07-14-40-49 and his email is aromand@gmail.com . The auction house itself is binoche et giquello, 5 rue de la Boetie; phone: 011-33 (0)1-47-42-78-01; fax: 011-33 (0) 1-47-42-87-55; email:

info@binocheetgiquello.com . The online catalogue can be viewed at: http://www.binocheetgiquello.com/ . A pdf file of the catalogue can be downloaded at: http://www.photoceros.com/.