Issue #200  3/23/2014
The E-Photo Newsletter Hits 200

By Alex Novak

The E-Photo Newsletter has reached yet another milestone. This is our 200th issue. It began rather modestly nearly 15 years ago. Numerous friends and acquaintances knew that I had attended the Sotheby's Southworth & Hawes auction (April 1999). Instead of repeating the same individual response to the many emails I was getting asking me about the auction, I thought that I would send the information out to what was then a very small email list of 400 friends and clients, which has now grown to over 7,500 people. Plus the pass-along readership and website readers easily make the total readership top 15,000, making it the largest circulation publication of its kind purely focused on photography collecting/curating.

While I had planned a special 200th issue, I simply found myself a bit snowed (literally) under this Winter preparing for the new website design (coming very shortly to I Photo Central), holidays, two exhibit shows, taxes, minor medical issues, a sister's marriage, etc. But we will have some pleasant surprises in upcoming issues for you and on the I Photo Central website, and hopefully you will still enjoy this issue and its coverage. We will catch you up on a lot of news over the next two weeks too.

By the way, I Photo Central has added over 175 new photographs just in the past month, which you can find here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/16/90/0.

I did want to thank each and every one of my readers for your patience with me, kindness and support; and I hope to meet many of you at the upcoming AIPAD Photography New York Show, April 9-13 at the Park Avenue Armory, where we (Contemporary Works/Vintage Works) will be exhibiting in booth 213, right in the very middle of the show.