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Anonymous - Window, Book and Cup of Tea
Window, Book and Cup of Tea
Anonymous (Italian) - Fisherman and Boats
Anonymous (Italian)
Fisherman and Boats
By Alex Novak

The mark of a true collector or curator is their focus on the image itself. I am thrilled when a major collector or institution buys an image that is not very expensive. Too often the focus is on something other than the image. Expensive photographs can be wonderous, or they can be dull. But isn't it wonderful when you can buy a stunningly beautiful image for a $1,000 or less?

Nearly everyone can afford these images that I present here. They start at a mere $200 and all are under that $1,000 price. While it is true, that many photographers are anonymous or not very well known (there are exceptions, such as a great contact print by Leonard Misonne), the images themselves are a joy.

I intend to update this group constantly as I get in new groups of photographs.

Enjoy them while they last.

For those of you with a little more budget I have also posted up my favorite recently acquired images of the 19th and the 20th century in Special Exhibits of their own. The prices for these images start off where this group leaves off--over $1,000.

A Few Favorite Recently Acquired Photographs Priced $1,000 or under
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