Issue #168  1/6/2010
Over 300 New Photos Go Up On I Photo Central

The photography dealers on I Photo Central have been extremely busy over the last month or so, putting up over 300 new photographs. You can see these new items at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/16/30/0 .

There are now nearly 2,000 different photographers and over 8,800 items listed for sale on I Photo Central, making it the most important place to buy photography in the market. You can search all of these here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php .

Lots of top vintage and contemporary pieces are included in the many images added to the site. Some of the important 19th-century photographers and images posted include: Disderi (uncut cartes-de-visite plates); Baldus (a single-plate salt print from a missing six-plate panorama of the Avignon Floods); James Anderson (early large salt prints of Rome); several beautifully hand-colored Japanese images by Kimbei, Von Stillfried, Reiji and others; Nadar (portrait of female author George Sand); Taber (a fine group of Western views, including the "Grizzly Giant", "Dupont Street, Chinatown, San Francisco" and "Cascade Falls, Yosemite"); Clifford (a rare, early salt print of Jarandilla, Ruins of Castle of Duke of Frias); Louis Godefroy De Lucy (a magical image of a rabbit); A. Zeiser (a rare German salt print of "Schöner Brunnen mit Kathol. Kirsche Zu Nurmberg"); Felix Bonfils (a very rich and dark albumen print of "Veiled Turkish Woman"); Bourne (scarce image of "Snowcapped Deodars, Simla, India"); and Andrew Russell (two from the rare large "Great West Illustrated" portfolio).

Mid-century work includes a great series of very nice group of cyanotypes from about 1900 that are part of a survey group of Chehalis, WA; a small selection of autochromes by the Lumiere brothers; a larger group of spectacular autochromes including three large nudes with blue veil, interiors and exteriors in Venice, several images of children (one dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood) and an interesting autochrome image by Mary Olive Edis.

Twentieth-century images include: experimental photograms by Gyorgy Kepes, Charles W. Niedringhaus and Arthur Siegel; two strong surrealist images of hands by Japanese photographer Osamu Shiihara; a small, gem-like photographs from Lartigue of his illegitimate daughter dancing and other scenes; a group of mid-century images from Jean Prével, including several "wall-of-death" racing images; fabulous portraits by Zamora (of Diego Rivera), Ilse Bing (of a young woman and a self-portrait); a small select group of San Francisco and other images by pictorialist Sigismund Blumann; also photographs by Kertész, Brigman, Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson, Blanc & Demilly, Levitt, Mapplethorpe, Herve, Eisenstaedt, Mili, and Stone Studio. Plus numerous images that will knock you out from lesser known or anonymous photographers. There's something here for every budget.