Issue #184  10/13/2011
Searching For Oldest Dated Wedding Photo

Internationally renowned wedding planner Sarah Heywood is searching for the oldest wedding photograph in the United States, Britain and Australia. The British picture she has located in the U.K. dates from 1848, so ideally any photographs from no later than this date would be suitable. The image would have to be of a bride and groom on their wedding day with evidence of what year it was taken, although the couple do not need to be wearing what we would recognize today as bridal clothes.

Sarah Heywood was CNN's expert on the day of the Royal Wedding in April and appeared on every continent and television network in the preceding days, including the BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Channel 9 Australia and NHK Japan. She is now launching her Ultimate Wedding App, and for the occasion wants to issue this study into how wedding images have changed.

If you think you might have the image the group is after, please email kiki@deliberate-pr.com with a jpeg attachment of your image and any details you might have about the bride and groom. Kiki King, who is conducting this research on Sarah's behalf will get in touch very promptly as she is on a tight deadline for this project. No image will be used in any way until its owner has been contacted and the correct permissions granted.