Issue #40  1/10/2002
Nearly 200 New Items Now Up On The Iphotocentral.com Site

We have put up several hundred great new items for sale on the website, and we will be putting even more images up after we get back from Photo LA, as fast as we can get them inventoried.

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, some of the more recent highlights (but certainly not all) include the following: the most wonderful Charles Clifford images that we have ever handled (just fabulous prints); a great new Maurice Tabard; a super Ceylon group by Scowen and Skeen; some new and reasonably priced autochromes; a group of Man Rays from the Electricite portfolio; some important Auguste Salzmanns; a magical Lewis Carroll of Hugh and Brooke Kitchin; a vintage print by Horst of one of his most important images (Barefoot); one of only four known Mexican images of Palenque by Desire Charnay made from a paper negative in a very rare uncropped version; several published salt prints by Cuvelier; the best Jean Dreville modernist image we have seen; an Auguste Bertsch microscopic image of an insect in a salt print; several very important new Baldus images; four new Watkins Yosemite images; historically important and ever so timely 19th century images of Afghanistan, including the infamous image of Major Cavagnari with Sindars of Kabul and Kunae just before he was murdered; a bizarre Nude with Masks and Shadows by Albert Rudomine; a large new group of good images by Charles Marville, including the famous Route de Suresnes from his 1858 Le Bois de Boulogne Series; a fabulous Otto Steinert exhibition-size print of Pont Neuf, Paris; lots of images from Tibet, India, and Japan; and a number of new hard images, both dags and ambrotypes, including some contemporary daguerreotypes by Michael Robinson, whom we have just started to represent through CT dealer Chris Wahren. More on Mike Robinson when we come back after Photo LA.

Plus you don't want to miss the wonderful groups by Eugene Atget, Leonard Misonne and James Anderson that we recently added to the website.

You can find them all at http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php Just remember that we are gone to LA for the show from January 16-January 21. We will try to handle all email requests for items that come in during this time as soon as possible after January 22nd.

While you are there at the site, you might want to check out the large group of articles on photography collecting that we have up on the site at http://www.iphotocentral.com/collecting/collecting.php Remember to scroll down the page to see the entire list of articles. Or if you have missed any of the past newsletters just go to the news and archives page, which is at http://www.iphotocentral.com/news/news.php You can even search the archives by using the key word search for articles containing those subjects.