Issue #71  4/9/2004
Edward Curtis Shows On Exhibit in Europe

Parts of I Photo Central member Christopher Cardozo's important collection of Edward Curtis images is traveling to several European institutions in two different shows.

The first show, entitled "Sacred Legacy, Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian" after Cardozo's new book of the same name, is currently on exhibit at the Palazzo Magnani, Corso Garibaldi, 29, Reggio Emilia, Italy 42100. The Palazzo Magnani's website with map and directions is at www.palazzomagnani.it . The exhibit runs from April 15 to June 30, 2004.

The second exhibition, entitled "Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian, Selections from the Collection of Christopher Cardozo", is traveling extensively through Spain.

The venues for this second show include: Centro Cultural Gaya Nuño, Plaza de San Esteban, 2, 42002 Soria, Spain, from April 7 to May 23, 2004; Museo de América, Reyes Católicos, 6, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, Spain, June 17 to September 5, 2004; Sala De Exposiciones De Caja Duero, Palacio De Garcigrande, Pza. de los Bandos, sn, 37002 Salamanca, Spain, October 1 to November 7, 2004; Centro Cultural Capitol, Calle Sancti Spiritu, sn, Cáceres, Spain, November 11 to December 19, 2004.