Issue #204  7/1/2014
Magnum Goes Through a Change in Leadership; Announces New Members and 2014 Inge Morath Award
Martin Parr
Martin Parr

After its annual meeting, Magnum announced a series of management decisions and changes. Martin Parr, who was serving as interim President since December 2013, was unanimously elected President of Magnum Photos International for a full term. Giorgio Psacharopulo stepped down as Chief Executive Officer, having reached the end of this term. And Magnum appointed David Kogan as Executive Director, effective July 1, 2014.

Moises Saman has been made a Member. Bieke Depoorter and Jérôme Sessini have been made Associates, and Sohrab Hura has been made a Nominee.

The recipient of the 2014 Inge Morath Award is Shannon Jensen (US), for her proposal "A Long Walk." The finalist for the Inge Morath Award is Elodie Chrisment (France), for her proposal "Pleasure Places - Paris."