Issue #205  8/16/2014
Salon de la Photographie Contemporaine Appears Mostly an Exercise in "How Not to Use Photoshop"

By Alex Novak

On the day after Memorial Day without much else to do, I went by the "Salon de la Photographie Contemporaine" at Saint Sulpice. Most of the work was amateurish, and too many of the photographers overused Photoshop. I've seen lots better work than this at portfolio reviews. Three photographers did show some interesting work, even though one was still heavy on the Photoshopping.

They included:

* Amaury Descours, http://www.amaurydescours.com. Great sense of light and I liked his close-up portrait of an elephant.

* Angelina Nove, http://www.angelinanove.com. Very sensual images and prints. A bit uneven, but when she was bad, she was very good, so to speak.

* Stephane Delckie, http://www.stephanedelckie.com. Yes, a bit too much on the Photoshop, but there was something about this large-scale color work that made you feel that you were rooting around the bones of our civilization.

I must say that there was little else at this open-air show, which was only on exhibit for two days—not that you needed any more time to see this mishmash.